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Customized Cold-proof Fast Door for Baotou Thermal Insulation Fast Door Workshop




Insulation fast rolling shutter door is an upgrade version of ordinary fast rolling shutter door. Although ordinary fast rolling shutter door has a good sealing, isolation, insulation effect, but for some specific places of use, its performance can not meet the needs of use, so there is its upgrade version, Insulation fast rolling shutter door.


The curtain of thermal insulation fast rolling shutter door is upgraded on the basis of ordinary fast rolling shutter door curtain, which can be used in places with high thermal insulation effect requirements.




In cold winter, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor of workshop is large. If the air tightness is not high, the pressure difference between indoor and outdoor air will be formed. The outdoor cold air will enter the room through cracks, resulting in drastic fluctuation of room temperature, affecting the indoor environment and consuming a lot of heat energy. This phenomenon is called "cold air infiltration".


In hot summer weather, outdoor high temperature weather and indoor air conditioning refrigeration, the hot air generated by air flow enters the room through the gap, resulting in an increase in refrigeration energy consumption.


Whether in cold or hot weather, if the air tightness and thermal insulation are not good, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor will lead to the increase of enterprise costs and waste of energy.


Therefore, the air tightness and heat insulation performance of the fast curtain door is an important measure to save energy for its enterprises.


The new high frequency welding technology is adopted for the thermal insulation fast rolling curtain door, which is fully automatic splicing and forming at one time. The bottom of the curtain is equipped with air bag cloth pocket, which can be sealed with various uneven ground, and the guide rail has built-in brush to achieve high sealing and thermal insulation effect.




Customized Cold-proof Fast Door for Baotou Thermal Insulation Fast Door Workshop


Technical parameters:


Opening speed: 0.6-1.5m/s; Closing speed: 0.6-1.0m/s.


Door curtain characteristics: 2.0mm industrial robot is used to roll the special door curtain for fast shutter door. It has good wear resistance and anti-sharp object scratch characteristics. Transparent window has anti-argon arc welding function.


Sealing isolation: The bottom is equipped with elastic PVC base cloth gas seal, which can be precisely combined with a variety of uneven ground. The unique double-layer brush for door post seal increases the sealing performance.


Unique sealing system, efficient sealing method, effectively isolate the spread of odor, noise and dust.


Door Frame: Door Frame and Door Box are made of 2.0mm thick and high quality cold-rolled steel plate, treated by high quality baking and spraying technology, 1.8mm thick stainless steel or 3.5mm high strength 6063 anti-oxidation industrial aluminium alloy column.


Power System: Special Motor for Fast Rolling Shutter Door of German Philip Industry.

控制系统:SUPER II工业快速卷帘门专用控制系统,电控箱IP54标准防水防尘。性能更稳定的多圈绝对值编码器,控制系统可与设备进行联动作业。

Control system: SUPER II industrial fast shutter door special control system, electronic control box IP54 standard waterproof and dust-proof. Multi-loop encoder with more stable performance, and the control system can operate in conjunction with the equipment.









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